While waiting for Bloody Daddy to come out, Shahid Kapoor talked openly about his arranged marriage and his first encounter with Mira Rajput. In 2015, the actor wed Mira. The actor stated that he was “very lonely” at the time and claimed he was 33 or 34 in an interview with Humans Of Bombay. “I would win awards and bring them home to share with my dog,” he continued. “Yeh kya life hai” (what is this life), “what is the point of all this,” were my initial thoughts. You need someone to share your life with. Life was wonderful; I was single and content. I could maintain myself. I was a lone resident. I was autonomous because I had been working for a long time.

According to Shahid Kapoor, he yearned for “companionship.” “You have your parents, but after a certain age, it is very different,” the actor said. You long for friendship and want someone your own age with whom you can relate. I was somewhat interested in finding someone with whom I could start a family. My greatest worry was that I experience a schizophrenic-like world. Because I have a spiritual side that avoids alcohol, eats vegetarianism, and practises meditation, and I also have a glamorous, actor-like side. I therefore sought someone who could comprehend at least one of these perspectives.

She (Mira Rajput) had a strong sense of self, Shahid Kapoor continued. I was an actor, but that didn’t matter to her. She didn’t seem bothered by it. She was ordinary. And I believe that’s what I yearn for. I long for normalcy. I’m always surrounded by people who don’t see me as a person, but as the star. And you desire that in your private life. You just want to get home, live a normal life, be stupid, look bad, and eat crap. You desire regular work because the rest of the time you will be working in show business.


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