Milan is a metropolis city located in the Northern Lombardy region of Italy. It is also known as the global capital of design and fashion. It is the second-largest city in Italy after Rome. Milan is known for its beautiful architecture and fashion. It has magnificent architectural structures that every tourist loves to visit. You can also virtually experience these architectures even without leaving your home. Does it sound like a joke to you? Well, it’s not.

If you want to experience the beauty of the architecture of Milan sitting at your home then you should check out the Instagram feed of Majed Veysel. Majed Veysel is a phenomenal photographer, architect and designer. His minimal art has made him stand way ahead of his competition.

There are thousands of photographers interested in architecture photography but Majed’s interpretation of Architectural photography is very unique. He travels to different cities to capture beautiful photographs of the famous architectural structures that are there in the city. A few months ago, Majed visited Milan because it is also known as the city of art and inspiration.

Majed clicked amazing photographs of the popular buildings of Milan. He turned these simple buildings into marvellous photographs through his pure talent. The pictures come out to be minimalistic and classy. You can have a look at these pictures of popular architecture of Milan that Majed shot. These photographs are some incredible examples of the combination of photography, art and architecture. You can clearly see the detail that is there in this shot. Great depth in the shadows can be also seen. You might also question that Why these pictures are not coloured?

Well, this is another unique sign of the photographs that Majed clicks. All his photos are black and white in colour. He believes that there is a timeless quality in Black and White photography. Black and white are the purest colours in all forms for his line of work, especially architecture. When shapes matter more than anything, black and white bring them all out. This is the reason why all his pictures are black and white in colour.

The followers of Majed Veysel love his unique style. The engagement on his Instagram account is very good. A few weeks ago, he reached the 100k follower’s mark on Instagram. We would like to congratulate him for this achievement. We also wish him all the best for all his future projects.

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