Rico Suarez might not be a familiar name for you, but it surely is a familiar face. After being a part of shows like “Penny Dreadful: City of Angels” and HBO’s “Ballers” Rico Suarez is becoming well known. Not exclusively does he exhibit his ability on the big screen, this multi-talented heartthrob has additionally independently published a book named “Know YOUR Norms.” Here are 3 things a fan must know about him:

  1. He Suffered From Depression:

Anorexia, having an unpleasant foundation, and depression, Rico Suarez’s life is a declaration that our issues, whatever they are, can’t characterize us. Harassment and bullying eventually lead to a point where he thought suicide is the best option to end this.

Experiencing childhood in a place of contention among mum and father, and afterward division, in addition to changing schools and being a casualty of menaces, Rico Suarez’s adolescence was not attractive. Talented with a strong, dedicated, and determined mother, Rico Suarez effectively graduated with a four-year certification in scientific studies in Biological Health Sciences from the University of South Florida.

  1. The Accidental Actor

He NEVER pondered acting in all my years. He went through life going to class to turn into a doctor. It wasn’t until he went to try out of the blue before two producers who loved him and he truly felt the energy and enthusiasm to go towards acting instead of medication.

  1. His Daily Schedule Is Something You Must Adapt

The well-known celeb wakes up at 5 am, meditates for 15-30 minutes, exercises for 1-2 hours, and works for the rest of the day, regardless of whether it is recording, photoshoots, interviews, calls, business-related assignments, and so forth Ruminate again around evening time. Rest at 9:00 pm more often than not, some of the time as late as 11:00 pm.

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