When your heart and mind are in the right place, nothing can stop you from achieving success. Some people have a passion to walk the career path that’s different. There are risks and the journey is long, but their will and determination help them to succeed. One such person is Mohit Jain.

Mohit Jain is an entrepreneur and Fitpreneur from Aurangabad city. He completed his education in marketing MBA degree. After finishing his education, Jain started his own social media marketing company called Starbuzz Digimark. The company helps in boosting the reach of brands and popular personalities on social media. It also helps in online advertising and increasing the reach of small business and brands. Mohit’s agency has clients from Mumbai, Delhi, Aurangabad, Hyderabad and many such places.

Along with being an entrepreneur, Mohit Jain also as a reputation for being a Fitpreneur. Mohit is known to create awareness about the importance of fitness and exercises. He had made a goal in life to inspire and encourage more and more people to focus more on their physical health. In the past few years, Jain has helped a lot of people to become Fitpreneurs or Fitness Influencers. He wants to keep doing this till he can.

The reason Mohit Jain has achieved this impeccable success is because of how focused he is and his consistency in his career. Also, his inspiration, his father is a successful businessman who runs a gold company. So he knows that to reach your goals, you must hustle a lot. By the age of 30, Mohit hopes to become a millionaire.

About his success and being a Fitpreneur, Mohit Jain says, “I always wanted to start a venture that is mainly connected with the internet. Today, digital marketing is in great demand and I knew about this years ago. Hence, my agency has such a great list of clients today. Also, being a Fitpreneur has a lot to do with my personal life. From childhood, a healthy lifestyle has been of utmost importance in our family and I wanted to keep doing the same till my last breath.”

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