Born on the 1st of August 2001 in Bareilly, Divyam Agarwal is one of the most iconic online personalities in the country. At the young age of only 19, he founded SWAGGER DEEVS, making him one of the first digital entrepreneurs of the country. Divyam also boasts of being a business tycoon also, he has a multitude of side ventures which earn him a hefty revenue and also make him one of the most influential online personalities in the country.

Along with a successful social media influencer, Divyam Agarwal is also a very successful digital marketing expert. A self-made entrepreneur, with the leverage on the biggest Digital Marketing Company of India, and also makes a monthly turnover of a million INR. Divyam’s label, Deevs Mp3 is quite popular on social media, and it also has been making a platform for a lot of aspiring artists to showcase their talent.

Many notable artists have showcased their talents on the platform of Deevs Mp3, which further managed to take the platform 100k subscribers to a million. Some of these talents include Sameeksha Sud, Ibrahim Soul, Anjali Kapoor, Heroxicated Armaan, Divyanka Sirohi, Bihari Ladka, Aarti Arora, Karan Ahuja, and many others.

With the recent advent of digitalization, it has become quite troublesome for the layman to understand complex algorithms and trend patterns, one of the more complex problems for brands is the availability of a good online promotional campaign. Divyam, one of the leading experts on digital marketing and also with the experience of working with international clients, can provide aid on such complex matters. With over 15k satisfied clients in more than 50 international companies, Divyam is the go-to man for the job. He has helped a lot of social workers, politicians, singers,s, and YouTubers to boost their careers by creating a positive online presence and creating their brand. Divyam helps these influencers get their profiles verified and also helps them on taking care of simple technicalities, and also helping their content reach their optimal reach.

Still, a student Divyam has been juggling both his company and his studies together. He serves as an inspiration to many of the youth of India. He is also very vocal about the fraudulent tactics of the online world and also is very much against cyberbullying.  Currently, he is helping big companies and singers to realize their true brand value. Divyam is very generous of all the people who supported him in this journey – his parents, his relatives, peers, and anyone else who has supported him in this hectic journey juggling both school and his company.

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