It is well known that Tesla is a leader in the production of electric vehicles. With frequent improvements and updates, it never ceases to surprise its users. Now that Apple Shortcuts have been incorporated into its most recent version, it has made another effort to improve the user experience. Tesla owners may easily automate and use Siri for practical vehicle control thanks to this feature. Isn’t it incredible?

Including SIRI in the integration

A recent upgrade to version 4.24.0 has reportedly emerged on the App Store, according to a report by Electrek. Tesla included compatibility for Apple’s Shortcuts with this version. With this connectivity, Tesla drivers may use Siri voice commands to send their cars a variety of orders. It will do away with the requirement for manual app interaction.

You can make customized shortcuts from the apps of your choice with the aid of the Shortcuts app.

Before, car owners could do remote control activities through the Tesla app on their iPhones, managing various parts of their automobiles. Now that Siri Shortcuts have been incorporated, drivers can utilize the well-known “Hey Siri” command to communicate with their Tesla vehicles using Apple’s voice assistant, Siri.

Siri Shortcuts may carry out a wide variety of commands across numerous functionality. Users may now lock and unlock their Tesla, open and close the trunk, manage the charge port, and start or stop charging using voice commands, according to Apple Insider. Additionally, the integration covers more complex operations like activating and deactivating Dog Mode and Sentry Mode in addition to other basic vehicle controls.

Apple’s previous collaborations

Another tactical step by Tesla to connect with the Apple environment is this integration. Notably, Tesla expanded its customers’ options for in-car entertainment in December by adding Apple Music integration as part of a Christmas software update.

Tesla keeps pushing the limits of technological integration within the automotive sector by enabling owners to easily operate many features of their cars using Siri. Users should anticipate more easy and effective methods to connect with their electric vehicles in the future as the partnership between Tesla and Apple grows.

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