Lebanese American artist, George Dfouni will be releasing a new dance song with a  twist. His new song titled “Bassbousa” is in the Egyptian dialect, and it’s accompanied by a social media dance challenge performed by Kamillah, a Russian born dancer that graduated from ballet school and then ventured into the world of belly dancing 8 years ago in New York, and a music video featuring George’s good friend Jordan. It’s worthwhile noting that both Kamillah and Jordan previously performed at many of Dfouni’s concerts.

“Every album, every song, every chord has a story inside it. I wanted to produce a song that is filled with positive vibes that can get you moving from the first beat. I wanted a Mahraganat style song, basically Egyptian festival music. After 14 months of Covid-19, people need to get out, dance, and have fun.” Stated George Dfouni.

Dfouni wanted to add a special touch to his new production, therefore he asked Kamillah to dance to his new song issuing a challenge to his listeners on all social media platforms to compete with the professional dancer. “ I just want people to have fun, the pandemic hits us like a wall, you can stare at it, climb over it, crawl under it of dance on top of it!”

To complete his latest project, Dfouni reached out to Jordan to shoot a music video that will surely capture the attention of people that appreciate the art of belly dancing.

“Bassbousa” was recorded in New York, written and composed by Enad Khouri, arrangement by Joseph Mosleh, and Ali Ramadan as the sound engineer.

The song will be aired on most music platforms and the video challenge will be posted on George Dfouni’s social media sites.

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