Sadegh Azmand(born, on May 3, 1991) in Tehran to a Kurdish-speaking Turkish family, started learning to play his father’s Tanbur instrument.

at the age of six Sadegh Azmand studied Tanbur by Ali Hemmatabadi, Hemmatabadi is the son of Baba Gholam an experienced Tanbur player in Iran, one of the masters of this traditional instrument called Tanbur.

Also, Sadegh Azmand learned from Seyyed Arash Shahriari and have become curious about the study of the Tanbur and its positions from childhood and started to research and study music and Kurdish music.

As a teen he started singing the standard hymn, learned within the presence of Wahid’s Touch, and later became aware of the technique of classical singing, starting with the fusion type of classical maqams, which also included parts of traditional singing.

Sadegh Azmand, who started his professional career in 1988 in Istanbul, Turkey, gave his first official research concert in Istanbul in 1988 within the hall of Bogazici University.

He lived in Turkey and made official appearances for himself.

In 1995, he became the leader and singer of the Diyar group.

In his second year, he took part in an exceedingly Turkish salsa competition and sang a Persian song composed by Houshang Ebtehaj, surprising the entire jury and therefore the audience together with his voice. Sadegh Azmand is incredibly famous in Turkey. He came to Iran in 1978 and commenced performing on soundtracks for Iranian films and tv. for each episode “Noon Khe”  “Noon kh1” or “Noon kh2” or “Noon kh3”.

Sadegh Azmand also wrote the short film “Shatergan” directed by Ramin Rastad, which is able to be screened at the Cannes fete and IDFA, the foremost prestigious festival within the Netherlands, and a documentary (Holy Bread) directed by the late Rahim Zabiha and directed by Touraj Aslani.

Sadegh Azmand currently resides in Turkey.

This time, he starts his artistic and concert activities in Iran with a unique style, near popular music, but he’s mixing traditional music with electronic genres like deep house ethnic and etc.

He is also making a new documentary project called Voices Of Iran and want’s to make new films with his director and musician friends like Touraj Aslani, Ramin Rastad, Reza Abbasi, Amir Eight, etc.

You can follow Sadegh Azmand on Facebook.

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