Pixel Ray Studios has recently announced its partnership with the National Film Authority of Ghana to construct ten sound stages over 200 acres of property in Ghana. In addition to the sound stages, Pixel Ray Studios plans to create a state-of-the-art entertainment and media complex that will provide an array of high-tech spaces suited for film, television, and other entertainment productions including post-production suites and specialized production crew members.

Pixel Ray Studios is a multimedia and content production company that was created in an effort to highlight African culture from a unique perspective by producing high-quality entertainment products like movies, shows, and games through innovative Pan-African filmmaking. The company is focused on building the first-ever black-owned film production franchise on the continent of Africa and its collaboration with the NFA which is a government agency in Ghana mandated under the Development and Classification of Film Act 935 to regulate, develop and streamline the film sector in Ghana.

This esteemed collaboration will help Ghana position itself as the gateway to the African cinematic landscape and will help put Africa on the global map in terms of state-of-the-art cinema which is a joint goal Of NFA and Pixel Ray Studios.

National Film Authority CEO, Ms. Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante said that Ghana is the second-largest producer of films in the African continent. Ghana has great locations and it is very safe, and it costs relatively less to film in Ghana than in many other countries. Earlier in the year, the National Film Authority (NFA) of Ghana launched the ‘FILM IN GHANA PROJECT’ to enhance the agenda by promoting Ghana as an ideal location for film productions and attracting the international filmmaking community to make films in Ghana and this agreement between NFA and Pixel Ray Studio has occurred right in time.

According to this agreement, Pixel Ray Studio will provide state-of-the-art film production and post-production facilities. Pixel Ray Studio will offer state-of-the-art production and post-production services to local Ghanaian, African and international film and content producers; entertainment for local and international tourists through activities such as set visits; and visual and audio effects and animation services to local and international films (scripted and unscripted content, films, TV series, commercials, OTT content, podcasts, and music videos).

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