Born in Staten Island, New York and raised in New Jersey, Justin Grome discovered his love for photography at a really young age. He was just 11 years old when he got his first camera as a gift and it was around this time that he understood the true and vast potential of social media. He was able to do this by using hashtags to boost his following on Instagram when little to no people understood what they were used for. At that point he learned graphic designing and software development to upgrade his photography abilities. As his fan base increased, he also learnt of different ways to profit off of features of different artists on his page.

22-year-old Justin Grome is truly gifted and his most recent undertaking Clonefluence is a demonstration of just that. Subsequent to having excelled in expert photography skills and iOS software development, Justin proved his capabilities again as his social media organization rose to success, particularly in the music industry which led him to going to college for pre-law and understanding business more in depth with this knowledge.

Justin was really young when he understood the power and importance of social media and how helpful it could be if used as a tool to build a business’ ensure that its services reach the target audience. He felt this was especially significant for artists who need to promote their music in order for their careers to become more successful. For instance, Clonefluence understands the significance of Spotify for artists, and comes up with advertising campaigns around it to expand the number of people the musician can reach and keeps them up to date with international trends. 

Justin has not only amassed a large number of supporters over the years, but has also gained extensive knowledge on marketing analytics and brand management. He worked with sheer determination all alone for quite a while before formally launching Clonefluence in 2017. His initial step was to assemble a solid and trustworthy team which was difficult for him to find. Justin was even able to acquire sponsorships from brands and organizations like Fila, Sperry, ASUS, NFL, Walmart, Sunny D, Ad Council and a lot more.

Clonefluence began as a social media organization that worked with underground musicians by collaborative work. Focused on becoming successful in the industry and accomplishing the promised results, the organization soon became one of the fastest developing companies within 3 years. Clonefluence’s motivation is to upgrade online presence and to empower free communication and collaboration among organizations and clients.

Justin accepts that the future lies in digital technology and it is key for organizations to have the option to use it to its greatest potential. With diligence, commitment, and sharp business skills, Justin pursued his passion and created a fruitful organization in under 3 years. Justin states that sheer passion, perseverance, and hard work is the secret to his success. The flourishing business visionary serves to be  an inspiration and a mentor for many young and yearning business visionaries.

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