El Paso, Texas (KVIA) – – El Pasoans are feeling better to have had marginally cooler temperatures this end of the week, despite the fact that they still can’t seem to see an under hundred-degree for 38 days.

“Being outside for as far back as hour… I’m cherishing it as of now,” El Pasoan Andrew Lara told ABC-7 as he walked around San Jacinto Court in Midtown El Paso. ” The cloudy is perfect. It’s not exceptionally hot. I’m just principally outside. So presently it’s cool contrasted with the most recent few weeks.”

Lara, in the same way as other others in El Paso, has been hindered by the high temperatures over the course of the past month.

“I like going running… around 1:00 or 2:00, so that is somewhat prevented me from going. So I’ve been doing everything toward the beginning of the day and can’t take my canines out, it’s excessively hot for them,” he said.

For other people, the results from the intensity were more serious.

“Wednesday our power went out for two or three hours and that was just plain awful. We have canines so they really might feel the pressure. They were gasping, they were hot. It wasn’t great in any way,” said Toni Bustamante of El Paso.

Albeit the Sun City was a couple of degrees cooler over the course of the end of the week, the triple digit heat streak actually held up Sunday in the wake of hitting 100 degrees around 4:00 p.m., which are still possibly risky temperatures.

“My best counsel to El Paso is wear continuously something that you can cover yourself,” said El Pasoan Louis Vasquez. ” Continuously keep be hydrated… that way you can continue onward.”

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