Google Play Movies is a fine method to purchase and watch digital movies, however it’s for some time needed help for Dolby Vision HDR. As indicated by some code off camera, it would seem that that might be descending the street.

The people at XDA-Developers delved into Google Play Movies v4.17.22 which makes them uncover strings covered up inside. As per the strings, Google Play Movies may before long help Dolby Vision substance somewhat, yet there’s very little data accessible here.

On the off chance that Play Movies were to include support for Dolby’s proprietary format, it would land notwithstanding HDR10, which has been accessible for quite a while. Dolby Vision regularly offers somewhat higher pinnacle splendor from the image with more powerful range, as well. Obviously, you’ll must have a perfect TV or set-top box to exploit the configuration. Nvidia’s new Shield TV, for instance, underpins Dolby Vision HDR.

It’s absolutely vague when Google intends to make this help accessible to Play Movies proprietors, yet it’s most likely almost guaranteed that perfect films will be updated for free.

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