The trend of Hip-Hop spread rapidly throughout the world and reached India. Nowadays, Hip-Hop is very popular in India. The youngsters simply love it. However, not everybody knows how all of it started in our country.

The young and passionate DJ and renowned music producer from Delhi, is all set to rock again with his new number ‘9vi Class ka Chhaatr.


According to VDJ ROYAL, hip-hop will keep growing in India as new young and talented rappers will keep getting exposure. The future of Indian Hip-Hop is as bright as the sun for the artists as well as the fans.
We can guess from the song title that it is about a life of a 9th grade student. This is a first entry from VDJ Royal in the Hip-Hop genre. Eager to see the audience’s reactions.

The process of screening the song is on the way and would be soon available on Spotify and on Royal’s YouTube channel. VDJ Royal’s channel is having a huge fan following of 1.5 million subscribers on youtube and more than 300 million viewership.  The lyrics and music of ‘9VI CLASS KA CHHAATR’  is entertaining as well as touching with its meaningful words ornamented with catching rhythm.

As we all know, VDJ Royal creates mashups, remixes and composes music for original songs. Many of his remixes have been featured in radio Mirchi’s Chowki Club Mirchi, the favourite of the youths. Now, his new musical number ‘9VI CLASS KA CHHAATR’ is on its way to touch the hearts of millions of music lovers. The lyrics carry deep emotions with the added beauty of melodious music. The incredible tune enhanced by the soothing voice of the Bro Panda would indeed amaze the listeners.

A Hip-Hop music lover must not miss enjoying this fantastic Hip-Hop number which is going to belaunched very soon. So, count your heartbeats and wait for the release of VDJ Royal’s upcoming magical number ‘9VI CLASS KA CHHAATR.

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