While supporters keep their fingers crossed and remain hopeful, the legendary Kapil Dev issued a scathing statement over Dhoni’s retirement talk.

A sea of yellow had flooded Narendra Modi Stadium on Sunday evening as they eagerly awaited the arrival of their hero, MS Dhoni. However, relentless rain throughout the evening in Ahmedabad ultimately washed out the IPL 2023 final, postponing it to the following day. The summit match is anticipated to be Dhoni’s farewell game in his stellar IPL career, as the story has gone throughout the season, although as a rumour. And as supporters continue to hold out hope while crossing their fingers, the legendary Kapil Dev made a scathing statement regarding Dhoni’s retirement talk.

The discussion around Dhoni’s potential retirement from the event persisted, as it had for the previous three seasons. Neither a representative from Chennai Super Kings hinted at the situation or specifically addressed it, nor did Dhoni. And when he did make pronouncements in response to direct questions, he taunted global cricket to keep them on their toes.

Fans will have to wait another night to see whether Dhoni will make the news or not because the IPL 2023 championship game has been moved to Reserve Day (Monday).


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