As a young fashion brand, it is no stranger to young and dynamic girls in Gia Lai and the whole country. 5 years since its establishment and development with many difficult beginnings. Up to now, Hong Hoa Dinh has affirmed its brand in Vietnamese fashion village under the talented business hand of young Dinh Thi Hong Hoa.

Founded in 2015, after many difficulties and challenges, Hong Hoa Dinh has become a prestigious fashion brand with designs loved by young people. With good management and business thinking, the style is extremely stable. The little girl has grown from a little-known shop now to become a famous young fashion brand that is loved by many young Gia Lai and nationwide customers.

Hong Hoa Dinh has a youthful 

Talking about the journey to get their own fashion brand, young owner Dinh Thi Hong Hoa shared: “I was born in a not very well-off family, so she was trained by her parents for the ability to live independently from a young age. I also thought I would follow the path that my parents set out for me. But with the business blood available, ever since I was in high school, I started to enter the online fashion business even though at that time I didn’t receive the support from my family and my parents. I myself imported goods from wholesale contacts and started to build a fanpage for the store and modeled it myself, sold it, queued it out. ”

Professional, friendly service style and diversified and continuously updated product designs are the special points of Hong Hoa Dinh which are loved by numerous customers. The success is all the enthusiasm of the beautiful young businesswoman Hong Hoa Dinh – founder and contributing to creating a new and different color for the extremely harsh fashion market.

Dinh Thi Hong Ho

However, to have the success of Hong Hoa Dinh today, there is also the effort of online marketing expert Truong Quang Trinh. After a shared article on marketing in the community, Ms. Dinh Thi Hong Hoa – owner of Hong Hoa Dinh fashion brand called and invited Truong Quang Trinh to work for Hong Hoa Dinh. Since Truong Quang Trinh was in charge of marketing for Hong Hoa Dinh, this brand has been booming. At that time, Hong Hoa Dinh brand was promoted in multi-platform marketing professionally.
Accompanying with the development of many beautiful and unique designs, suitable to the public’s tastes, Hong Hoa Dinh has also built a familiar brand with many young customers on platforms such as Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube , … These social networking platforms are an indispensable component in creating trust and reaching effective customers that Hong Hoa Dinh chooses. 

Truong Quang Trinh

Holding the decision in hand, Truong Quang Trinh devised a multi-platform marketing development strategy to find and surround customers. The main platforms that he focuses on are the social networking sites that young people care about. It is a great launcher for the growth and boom of this fashion brand in the young community:

“Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Website, Tiktok,… are the main platforms that I particularly care. Because these are the things that young people come in contact with every day and they are increasingly indispensable. Thanks to this multi-platform marketing method, Hong Hoa Dinh has grown a few hundred times. Regarding sales, Hong Hoa Dinh has increased 500 times compared to the period from 2015 to the end of 2019 ”.

With the current development momentum and the guidance of the beautiful owner Hong Hoa and the support of online marketing expert Truong Quang Trinh, Hong Hoa Dinh fashion brand will surely grow stronger and bring to customers. The quality products and designs catch up with fashion trends in the country and the world.

Hong Hoa Dinh Fashion

Address: No 30 Hai ba Trung Street, An Khe, Gia Lai

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