JayJay Joshua’s Influence Continues

Jay Joshua, rapper, business visionary, organizer of style shows, and ability show grant champ, has made a serious name for himself. The Canadian-Dutch craftsmen, new off of a hit single with individual Torontonian Pressa, is prodding another single, this time including Tory Lanez. The melody entitled “Watching You”, is expected to be discharged soon. In any case, that is not all that JayJay is doing.

“Trophies”, highlighting popular Dutch-Albanian rapper Kosso is helping Jay grow further into remote markets outside of Canada. Shot by Drazio, and delivered by MB, “Trophies” is one of numerous hits Jay has added to his repertoire. The hotly anticipated “Watching You” will be discharged soon. Hope to hear more from Jay Joshua.

By Ingrid Hudson

Ingrid is a singer/songwriter and guitarist. She is also fantasy author. She is noted for her distinctive style. She writes in a humorous way: Her characters never walk, they clump along, or when someone complains (in a flying machine) that flight is impossible, the other characters agree and show her why she’s right!

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