Take care of your ears!

In simple words, you have to listen well to play well. In fact, you should be a professional listener, which means that you listen to famous and beautiful pieces many times and try to use different techniques and styles in playing.

Be kind to your device.

Usually, at the beginning of learning, due to weak fingers or other reasons, musicians hit the keys hard and their hand movements on the keys are completely dry. It is suggested to be completely calm during the exercise, expel all worries.

Don’t lose the rhythm

Even if you don’t have enough mastery over a piece yet, the stability of the rhythm can cover some of your mistakes. In some cases, you may not be sure of some chords or notes, this is the point where rhythm will come to your aid.

Give your hands a chance

If you are a beginner musician, don’t rush to move your hands in sync. You will learn it eventually. At first, it is better to start with the right hand. After understanding the way the fingers of the right hand move, now it’s time to teach the left hand. If you learn the movement of each hand separately, you can better coordinate your fingers and gradually play with both hands.

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