According to an exclusive source we have access to, Parineeti Chopra, an actress, and politician fiance Raghav Chadha may hold their wedding reception in Gurugram.

The politician Raghav Chadha and actress Parineeti Chopra, who were engaged on May 13 in a private ceremony in Delhi, have not yet decided on the location of their wedding, which is anticipated to take place in October of this year. Contrary to rumors that they hosted two wedding parties in Chandigarh and Mumbai, we have learned exclusively that the couple is thinking about having a reception in Gurugram.

According to the source, a woman who is allegedly their manager was organizing on their behalf when she arrived at the venue at 8:30 pm. Both of their parents arrived at the hotel for the food sampling about 9:45 p.m. Raghav and Parineeti were supposed to go as well, but nothing of the sort happened, thus just the families were able to sample the feast.

The informant further discloses that a costly and extensive menu was available for their food tasting. “The food sampling may have been for a lavish event in Delhi NCR because Raghav is a politician and was born there, where most of his friends, family, and guests reside. They didn’t appear to have arrived in search of a wedding venue, the insider concludes.



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