The Note 40 Pro 5G Series from Infinix is about to be released in India. This series, which is slated to launch on April 12, will provide mid-range consumers with power, performance, and photography.

Because there is a growing need for 5G capabilities and high-performance smartphones, Infinix is focusing on the Indian market.

The exclusive Cheetah X1 chip powers the Note 40 Pro 5G and Note 40 Pro+ 5G. An attribute that is highly sought for in the Indian smartphone industry, a strong balance between power management and a long battery life, is provided by the Cheetah XI processor.

Important Infinix Note 40 Pro 5G Features

Innovative Display: The smartphone has a 6.78-inch curved AMOLED full-HD display with a dynamic refresh rate of 120 Hz.

Photography: The triple back camera and 108-megapixel primary sensor power the Infinix Note 40 5G series.

Performance: These smartphones enable smooth gaming and multitasking thanks to the MediaTek Dimensity 7020 SoC.

Charge speed: The Note 40 Pro 5G has a 5,000mAh battery and supports 45W charging, however the Pro+ model has a 4,600mAh battery and requires 100W charging, which is more intensive.

In the Indian market, which is well-known for having a strong demand for inexpensive devices, Infinix has been making progress.

Sales of Infinix in India increased by an astounding 15% just in 2023. This demonstrates the brand’s rising popularity in the face of a growing market for reasonably priced smartphones with lots of features.

With the introduction of the Note 40 Pro 5G series, Infinix hopes to strengthen its position and take a sizable chunk of the fast expanding 5G smartphone market in India.

India’s smartphone market is extremely competitive, and buyers are always on the lookout for gadgets that are the greatest deal.

The most recent products from Infinix are expected to surpass users’ expectations in terms of camera quality, battery life, and charging times for mid-range smartphones.

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