Inside The Life Of A Global Team Builder, Lisa Hocker

Inside The Life Of A Global Team Builder, Lisa Hocker

As a brand ambassador of a skincare business, Lisa Hocker is building a team of consultants from around the world. Currently, her reach as a global team builder has expanded to Canada, Japan, Australia, and the US. As her direct selling company expands to more countries, Lisa’s goal is to grow along with her company and help as many entrepreneurs as she can.  

Initially, Lisa started working in multilevel marketing as a side business while working as a full-time lawyer. However, within the first 6-8 months, she had refined her daily methods of operation so well that people working around her were curious as to what she was doing. Her system worked so well that she held the position of the biggest recruiter or selling the most products. Thus, she started expanding her knowledge by training those who were interested to learn, including those who were on sideline teams where she didn’t earn any money.      

With her growing influence, Lisa started to write a book on her simple and efficient method of growing business, called “Direct AF Sales”. Here she teaches direct sales methods that she has learned over the years from her own experience. “It is for any entrepreneur who is tired of getting in their own way, who is sick of stopping and starting their business to death, or just has no direction or idea on exactly what it is that they need to do every single day to achieve their goal.” Lisa quotes to further explain her book. 

As Lisa continues to expand her entrepreneurial journey, she decided to close her law practice to work full time in her business. Along with her book, Lisa launched a new product called, “Sales Dice”, which is a fun method for entrepreneurs to get specific actionable tasks done every day. To further grow, Lisa has now launched short video courses to level up new tasks. These take 10-20 minutes daily but have a productive effect on the user’s journey as it removes stress and confusion that often creates hurdles. With multiple products and initiatives, Lisa still thrives to build her business every day. 

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