There are many actors who have been models in their careers. A successful model has switched their careers to become established actors. We have examples of Priyanka Chopra and John Abraham who have left their fashion world to become accomplished actors. They were able to carve their niche hard in the industry only because they were good at their work. They seemed competent in their work in terms of modeling and they were confident about their shift in their directions.

This is something which we see in the life of Ambala based 25 year old Parvinder Saini who has been a fitness freak and fashion lover who wants to become an actor and then switch off to the modeling world. He is also called Goel and his achievements include having the confidence and having that fashion sense as well. It has been his dream in order to become a great fashion model one fine day.

He intends to go a long way as far as modeling career is concerned and wants to make his parents feel proud of him. Since he feels that his parents come from a simple background with monotonous jobs like farming, he intends to break this chain and the best career would be a model that can make him shine and then he intends to act like we see many stars have done in their initial days of their careers. So, it has been a focus time in his life and he is leaving no stone unturned to keep the ball rolling. Well, lets see how things move but at the moment, he intends to go a long way.

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