Do u know Nicola Venturi? In social media all crazy for this new musical hit, the song was created by Nicola Venturi, a young music artist under the AR.MS Empire label.

Nicola Venturi was born in Bergamo on May 26, 1987 and approaches the world of DJ sets and music production during an event organized in Milan, almost for fun but his passion for the night, music and nightlife have made this occasion a certainty.

He says: “From the very beginning my musical tastes were attracted to deep house, a genre that vaguely approaches the tracks featured in my first EP. Due to the influence of the media and personal taste, I was born with house music that accompanied my afternoons in front of the computer”

Some of his most famous hits are: Call Me, Chic In Beat, MoVerse that conquer several thousand and thousands of plays.

For all musical artists, the more you raise the bar, the more obstacles you will encounter. What matters is how you react to obstacles, and how often you are willing to get up.

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