It is a very substantial aspect of being a businessman, to always be on the lookout for new opportunities and ensure personal, professional and societal gains, making sure that none get effected because of the others, and still lead a healthy and stress-free life.

It is only a handful of people who can do this effectively, and so today we bring to you, the perfect example of a person who can balance all aspects of his life flawlessly and still can make enough time for personal welfare and his family.

Julio M lama, a native of the Dominican Republic, is the executive ambassador of total life changes and the founder of Movimiento Global 1NETE, an educational system in MLM.

A keen sighted businessman, Julio with his quick wits and foresight managed to grow his business at a very substantial pace.

Initially starting out his venture in 2015, from scratch, with just 50$ as his primary investment. In only 5 years, he has managed to make tremendous growth, currently making millions of dollars a month on his venture. Such was his foresight and hardwork behind his business.

Before that, he was also involved in traditional business models for more than 20 years and has amassed much experience since then.

Unlike other businessmen, Julio’s approach has always been altruistic. His primary motive was to deliver results that may benefit the society in general and so they accomplished their goal of marketing products that were 100% natural and which catered to the demand of the customers.

As far as financial matters are concerned, not only does he feel blessed to achieve financial freedom on his own, he is also incredible glad to be able to help others achieve financial independence through his venture.

Creating a positive impact in other people’s lives, in his own words is, “the most satisfactory action you can perform”.

In fact one of his primary goals in life as well as the reason he puts in that extra effort everyday, is to be able to bring about a positive impact on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people who are affected by his products and deliver maximum satisfaction.

Julio M Lama

Apart from all that, he has also contributed his fair share to training the future generations of businessmen by founding one of the most complete educational system, “Movimiento Global 1NETE” to train and educate the young entrepreneurs in new business models.

A family man, Julio always puts his best to be an exemplary father to his 3 daughters who he cherishes with all his heart. It’s a feat that he accomplishes perfectly along with managing all his other obligations.

From being a successful businessman, to a loving father to being an incredible mentor, Julio has succeeded in all aspects of his life and it was with steel determination and hardwork that he did so.

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