In social media, Kangana Ranaut is well recognised for saying things that are debatable. The actress has a very active internet presence and frequently grabs attention for her opinions. Elon Musk, though, is the only person she considers to be more dramatic than she is. Kangana made a suggestion about her own former love relationship in response to the latter’s remark on love.

“Falling in love hits different when you know they’re a paid actor deployed by the CIA to divert you from committing your life to eliminating the government,” Elon wrote in a tweet.

In the meantime, the actress had discussed falling for the charm of married guys on her show Lock Upp last year. Every female is seduced by married males, she claimed. I can only speak from my own experience. I’m not referring to you specifically, but perhaps it occurs because married men are more domesticated and tolerant. They are trustworthy and have a charismatic atmosphere that appeals to young women. Some men have tales of being entrapped, which they relate to their wives and young daughters.

Kangana Ranaut is currently working on Emergency, the movie she is both directing and acting in. She will appear in Chandramukhi 2 as well.

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