Fans got a peek at the first-ever LEGO set that could be built, which was inspired by Disney and Pixar’s Inside Out.

Inside Out 2, which opens in 2024, will bring back this franchise and follow Riley, the main character, as she enters her adolescent age with the introduction of new characters and emotions.

For the first time since the 2015 film Inside Out, this tale will be retold, offering spectators fresh perspective on the human psyche throughout this impressionable journey.

The First Inside Out Brick Set from LEGO

For the first time ever, a brick-based version of the Disney and Pixar brand, Inside Out 2, will be available via a new collectible set from LEGO.

Described as “Disney Inside Out 2 Mood Cubes from Pixar,” the kit comes with two buildable cubes that open to reveal additional LEGO mementos.

In Inside Out 2, the sides of these cubes let constructors create the faces of the emotions that reside within 15-year-old Riley’s head.

A few little Minifigs that are best suited for younger builders are also included in the set; they are focused on Foreman, Margie, Joy played by Amy Poehler, and Anxiety, a new character by Maya Hawke.

To help prospective buyers understand its scale, the listing also features a picture of the set on a shelf within a house.

The Inside Out 2 characters are highlighted in the listing’s description of the set, along with the remaining components:

Should Inside Out Receive Additional LEGO Sets?

Before Inside Out 2 opens in theatres in June, LEGO may add more sets to its online store that are devoted to either the forthcoming sequel or the first film.

New LEGO collections may be inspired by set items such as Riley’s house or the emotions’ headquarters; bigger brick sets representing the emotions themselves may also be developed.

LEGO recently produced sets for Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo, Brickheadz for EVE and WALL-E from WALL-E, and Carl and Ellie’s house from Up ahead of this set. This might also result in the creation of two Brickheadz-style sets that could be customised to fit any mix of characters from either Inside Out movie.

After a project launches, LEGO frequently releases fresh content (like the first-ever Minifig featuring Oscar Isaac’s Moon Knight). Considering that, fans of Pixar’s most recent release, 2024, could be keeping an eye out for additional LEGO-inspired products in the months to come.


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