Users of smartphones are familiar with the Google app, which provides a number of features, such as a search bar, weather updates, and Discover feed, among other noteworthy features. The search bar’s location may soon change, though, according to the business. The bottom search bar is reportedly being tested as part of the Material 3 reorganization, according to 9To5Google.

The report claims that the business was previously observed in 2021 testing the location of the search bar at the bottom. An X (previously known as Twitter) user was identified in the paper as having observed the functionality on an Android smartphone. The screenshot shows that, in contrast to the top location in the most recent stable build, the search bar appears at the bottom after a user searches for a query.

The search bar belongs to the Material 3 style and is positioned above the Discover, Search, and Saved icons. iOS users can access a design like a pill. The modification may enhance the app’s one-handed usability for users with small hands and smartphones with large displays.

You can use the microphone icon in the search bar to browse the web, or you can upload an image to Google Lens and search for related content. It is probable that users will have the option to modify the content and perform a different search by tapping on the search bar. Instead of using the Dynamic Color, the software uses a blue hue. It does, however, provide a distinct separation from the web results.

In the future, the app will appear more contemporary due to the redesigned search bar. In other Google news, the internet giant is getting ready to introduce the Find My Device network. The network, which was unveiled in 2023, may help in finding lost trackers, Bluetooth speakers, and mobile devices by using another Android device. “Locate [eligible] devices even if they’re offline” is one of its benefits for users.

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