Ara Salahi, a well-known Iranian singer who always shouts the pain of the people of his homeland with his own voice, can be said to be the only social and protest singer in Iran.

 This time he has sung a new song called Doman and about the deplorable day of the world.

When you search for the meaning of “Doman”, you will find the root of this word, which means fog, cloud and dust.

Maybe after listening to “Doman’s music”, you will also admire Salahi for choosing this beautiful name for this work, because when we take a small look at the world, we realize that the dust of misery, war, disease, virus, poverty, etc. rules the whole world.

Another interesting theme in this music is the beautiful teaser of this work of art.

Ara Salahi has prepared a very beautiful teaser for this work by using the most visited hashtags in the world as well as photos of important events of all countries.

Finally, Ara Salahi has dedicated this work to all the people of the world, especially the devoted people of Afghanistan.

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