A new feature that lets users filter videos on their home feed by color is being tested by YouTube. This should make viewing the site more visually pleasant and unified. A new prompt window asking users if they’re “craving something new” has been seen on the YouTube mobile app, according to 9to5Google and Lemmy users. It offers the ability to create a video feed by red, blue, or green hues.

This feature is experimental and hasn’t been made available to many people. The Verge was informed by YouTube spokesperson Allison Toh that it is presently accessible to “selected users on Android and iOS mobile devices.” But the firm didn’t say why it was working on this function or when (or if) it will be made publicly accessible.

Your current homepage feed is not replaced by choosing a color filter. Rather, the results are color-coded and show up as a new feed option at the top of the YouTube app. It’s unclear exactly how these videos are being screened. It seems to be predicated on the colors that stand out the most in thumbnails, but it might also be watching the entire video to see if a particular hue is used frequently. In any case, nothing else seems to link the theme- or content-filtered results, suggesting that the feature is purely an aesthetic decision.

Color harmony is a marketing technique that is used in a variety of businesses, despite the fact that it could be an uncommon way to arrange videos. Instagram businesses, especially those in the fashion and beauty industries, frequently plan their posts such that their main feeds transition seamlessly between color themes. The cosmetics brand ColourPop is a prime illustration of this. Lemmy users have brought out the possibility that this is a collecting information tactic to track how frequently users of YouTube interact with particular hues. In any case, it’s a cool choice for people who prefer to fully change the look and feel of their programs.

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