The majority of people equate happiness with success. While everyone desires success in life, not everyone’s end goal is the same. Some people are quite content with a life that could be described as unambitious, while others aspire to be multimillionaires or CEOs of major corporations.

This “unambitious life,” however, should not be confused with complacency and a sense of security. These two factors are the stumbling blocks to success, as repeated surveys indicate that the majority of people value “security” above almost everything else in their lives. People will tolerate jobs they despise, unhappy marriages, and unhealthy habits in order to feel more secure.

According to Lorraine P. Jordan, those individuals are succumbing to their fears, and fear is the greatest enemy of success. “Let’s be honest. People like to believe that those who are motivated and focused achieve success,” she says. “The truth is that even the most motivated individuals fail at times, but they will eventually succeed. On the other hand, those who never attempt anything are doomed to never succeed.”

Lorraine P. Jordan is a dynamic real estate professional who leads Team Jordan, a real estate agency team with years of experience and a vast knowledge base in their market. Her Keller Williams team has been the number one group for multiple years in Canada in terms of real estate sold, and they are renowned for their efficiency in meeting their clients’ needs. With over 30 years of experience, she knows what the journey to success looks like—something she regularly passes onto her team members.

As already mentioned, Jordan believes that a person’s greatest foe is “fear of success,” and here are three techniques she uses to stay true on her path to success.


Define Your Goal

While defining goals may appear to be a cliche, as Lorraine P. Jordan explains, having a clear vision of one’s future life is the first step toward overcoming the fears that hold one back. Additionally, she says that a person without a plan is relying on chance, which is not a smart strategy.

“Without goals, it’s impossible to create a solid action plan to accomplish what you want,” she says. “If you do not overcome this stage, it will inevitably manifest negatively in your life through feelings, actions, and outcomes.”


Visualize Success

Nothing in life is perfect. People experience a lot of ups and downs on their paths to success, and that’s what makes success complicated. As Lorraine P. Jordan says, when she is confronted with a difficult situation, she closes her eyes and visualizes herself at the end of the road.

“You must be realistic here; envision success with the understanding that it is unlikely to be a bed of roses,” she explains. “However, when you visualize yourself accomplishing your objective—when you visualize the end result—it becomes easier.”


Work on Yourself

For Lorraine P. Jordan, facing inner demons and constantly trying to improve one’s skills is a crucial component of overcoming fears and achieving success in life. “Personal growth—improving your soft and hard skills—is not something that comes fast. However, success requires us to evolve and improve constantly,” Jordan says. “Growth is a continuous life experience; it’s not limited to conquering one obstacle, but when you realize that knowledge is the most powerful weapon in your arsenal, nothing will ever come between you and your success.”

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