Windows 11 will soon get the brand-new Apple Music and Apple TV apps. A beta version of these apps can finally be downloaded from the Microsoft Store by Windows PC users.

Windows users can now download the Apple Music and Apple TV apps

Apple is finally bringing its Apple Music and Apple TV apps to Windows, as Microsoft announced last year. Compared to iTunes, these apps run faster and use fewer resources because they were developed using more cutting-edge technologies. Even though the Windows interface has been slightly modified, the Apple Music and Apple TV applications appear to be very similar to the versions that are already available for macOS.

Users can watch movies and TV shows from the iTunes Store as well as content from Apple TV+, Apple TV Channels, and the Apple TV app. When content is available and the device supports such technologies, it can be streamed in 4K HDR. Since the only way to access the platform on Windows was previously through a web browser, this is a significant improvement for Apple TV+ subscribers.

Except for the lyrics and Dolby Atmos, the Apple Music app has almost all of the same features as the macOS version. Either Apple Music or the iTunes Store provide users with access to their library. The new app automatically receives iTunes content. However, keep in mind that once the Apple Music app is installed, iTunes will no longer function.

Apple is also introducing Apple Devices, a brand-new Windows application, as iTunes is being replaced. Using this app, users can sync, backup, and restore older iPods and iOS devices from a PC. Since neither audiobooks nor podcasts are supported by the Apple Music app, Apple warns that a new Windows version of iTunes will be made available in the future.

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