After tracking JHood YSF down in the beautiful city of Los Angeles I finally had the opportunity to meet up with him after 3 months of us attempting we were finally able and it was amazing.

I had the opportunity to ask JHood some business related questions as he is considered to be one of the brightest business minds coming up in the music industry. I also had the opportunity to ask him some more personal questions. Not just about his life but about the music as well and what it takes to become successful what key trait independent artist need to have on their way up. He gave the answer below:

Sacrifice….. Time, money, family. When you truly want to be great there’s a certain level of locked in that you have to be. Most times that includes being absent from family and friends. You have to invest in yourself if you aren’t willing to put your own money behind your self you don’t truly believe in yourself and you’re waiting on a miracle that may never come. Get out here in the field and get your hands dirty. Create your own motion and make people have to pay attention to you. Building that foundation is the key to a successful independent music career. All of that boils down to sacrifice! What are you willing to do to get to where you want to go.

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