Kartik Aaryan has consistently been a likeable actor with a genuinely beautiful on-screen persona that fits in well with the earnest comedy of his infectious movies. Conversely, there is director Kabir Khan’s cinema, which is full of visually magnificent settings, amazing camera work, and exciting international travel.

What occurs when the two are combined? Chandu Champion is the solution. Drawing inspiration from the remarkable story of Murlikant Petkar, the first paraplegic Indian to win an Olympic gold medal, Aaryan genuinely embraces the most difficult and intricate duty of his professional life.

It has been demonstrated by Sajid Nadiadwala that a film with substance and vision can only be produced on a large commercial scale. Throughout his thirty-five-year career as a producer, Sajid Nadiadwala has always had a preference for substance and subject. With Chandu Champion, he has demonstrated his complete faith in Kabir Khan’s vision and subject, and as a producer, he added broad appeal to it by mounting it on a wide scale.

To encourage interest in this sports drama, the trailer was released in his hometown of Gwalior. The film’s trailer has finally been posted by the producers, and it will be available in theatres on June 14.

The image of Kartik Aaryan in a “langot,” which has captured the attention of both fans and viewers, has become the most talked-about and alluring visual treat of the year. The excitement reached incredible heights with the release of the first poster, leaving everyone excitedly anticipating more surprises. The creators shocked everyone by revealing Chandu Champion’s second and largest poster, building up public anticipation.

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