The Night Life can be a dangerous place and a fun place all at the same time. No one wants to go out drinking and come home with a black eye or worse. 

That’s why Knight Life Security came into existence. With their slogan being “Do it Right, Hire a Knight”.

Knight Life Security seeks to Revolutionize the Security Industry and its stigmas associated with the Night Life.

Carlos Ariel Then the owner of Knight Life Security is offering the world a reliable, professional, and safe option when it comes to their night out on the town. His chief Instructor and Security Consultant Alexander Peralta; a former Marine and US Veteran, is leading the way. Together they are taking Rhode Island and the Northeast by Storm as they expand and provide the best service. Some of their clients have mentioned things like “Wow, I’ve never visited a place where a Bouncer at the door refused a bribe.” or “I only go places where Knight Life Security is because Providence has become pretty scary, and I only feel safe with those guys around.”

When asking Carlos and Alex why the name Knight Life was chosen, they said that it was a play on words of course, but also a testament to what it means to be a Knight. They seek to keep people from walking out on tabs, they use state of the art technology created by one of their partners Vemos to scan IDs and Passports for authenticity. Using that same technology, they’re able to ban troublemakers across their network of venues. Not to mention their incredible staff capable of de-escalating and diffusing situations like no other and their equipment that seems almost unreal. These guys are literally prepared for any situation and have been an asset to the community and venues that they serve.

When asked about how Knight Life Security came to be, a very interesting story was told. We have the opportunity to share it with you here.

Knight Life Security has a pretty tragic origin story, Unfortunately Chief Instructor Alex was stabbed several years ago by a security guard himself. Which of course is mind baffling. The person who is meant to protect and serve patrons of an establishment actually ended up putting one in the hospital. He could have lost his life, but thankfully he survived. The bouncer that stabbed him, ran off. The place that hired him was paying him under the table, didn’t do a proper background check and to this day this guy is nowhere to be found. It was irresponsible of the business and a terrible way to end a night for Alex. But it is what inspired both Carlos and him to come up with the idea of Knight Life. Believe it or not, the two were sitting on Carlos’ couch watching Game of Thrones and were discussing the night of the incident. Next thing you know they were in California training with the best of the best to learn more about security and executive protection. 

They believe that the Night Life is supposed to be fun, no one should be going out for drinks and be in fear that they will get beat up by a bouncer or another patron, or that they could lose their life. But unfortunately, things like that happen every night and that’s not right… 

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or calling them at 888-456-8533 (4-KNTLIFE)

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