In addition to having a unique voice that allows people to recognize his music at a glance, he also took the audience on a journey of joy and privilege in the world, summing up exciting melodies.

Manolo was born in Mexico City on February 4, has a passion for DJing and production, and finally has a very complicated influence on music. He can control the crowd by injecting vitality into them through his world rhythm.

As a DJ producer,Manolo’s style is powerful and unimpeded. He strongly advocated listeners’ preference for music, which seemed to perfectly reflect the needs of listeners.

His love of music goes beyond his unique feeling for mixed melodies. He has been passionate about everything related to music since he was a child, as he has participated in various music festivals around the world.

When he was only 16 years old he decided to focus on social media, music and especially the world of bodybuilding. He is interested in rotating records by mixing and mixing tracks. Manolo is never afraid to dig too deep, because his exciting musical choices and influences are an audience treatment for him.

During his career, Manolo won the 2016 Male Rookie DJ category and the DJ World Awards, lighting the torch. He was also selected as one of the top ten influencers at the Color Dance Festival.

Capturing his fearless investment in vocal music, Manolo exquisitely changed the web of abstract song art, which was accompanied by sudden structural changes and the collision of metaphors from countless vocal vocabularies, which were in harmony with his sheer talent and inspiring repertoire. Pleasant mixed.

As a producer, Manolo has found many ways to express himself through passion, purpose, and music. He uses a variety of sound sources to make music, from drum machines and plug-ins to modular synthesizers and electronic strings.

When he doesn’t mix, Manolo is an entrepreneur who can lift weights in the gym. He chased dreams, not people. He held a leadership position in the music industry with his own playing, thus earning a reputation.

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