Mario Kart Tour is at last accessible to download on iOS and Android today, denoting the hotly anticipated debut of Nintendo’s kart racer on cell phones. The release date was uncovered a month prior, yet what wasn’t known as of recently was that the game has an optional “Gold Pass” subscription.

The Gold Pass gives people various in-game items and identifications as people play, and furthermore unlocks the quicker 200cc mode. It’s not so much obvious from the game’s website what any of these items are for. There’s a fourteen-day free trial, after which people will need to pay $4.99 per month.

$4.99 a month is additionally, people may have seen, the cost for a month of Apple Arcade, Apple’s amazing new service explicitly intended to fix the microtransaction-riddled hellhole that mobile gaming has descended into. Possibly Mario Kart Tour is a fantastic encounter that will be worth subscribing to, yet people will be in an ideal situation spending their five bucks on Sonic Racing and, um, each other game on Apple Arcade.

Everybody would let people know how Mario Kart Tour is, yet opening the application right presently returns a mistake message expressing that the servers are full and that “login request will be processed in the order it was received,” which is certainly what people want to hear when opening a mobile game. Stay tuned for possible audits.

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