Addison Rae, the 22-year-old TikTok star turned Instagram model and mainstream Pop icon within the music industry, has recently introduced a talented songwriter to her exclusive team of musical collaborators. NORD (Carter Davis) is an 18-year-old musician, rapper, and artist originally from the city of Portland, Oregon. He has previously contributed his innate songwriting talent to projects by some of the most popular mainstream Rap, R&B, and Pop artists such as Drake, Rebecca Black, and 21 Savage. Ever since a young age and throughout his childhood, he always knew he was gifted when it came to English grammar and interpreting written composition. At the age of just five years old, Carter (Oregon rapper NORD’s real name) was writing full-length books and stories to share with his family; the young artist attributes this vast experience in writing to the current opportunities he’s able to create for himself in the competitive industry of musical composition.

NORD’s personal career as a musician has been expanding consistently throughout the past year, with releases of his viral original singles such as “INDUSTRY,” “SORRY,” and “TEN (She Know)”. The talented Oregon rapper and artist has already amassed millions of streams across Spotify, Apple Music, and other major streaming services and is making his dream collaboration opportunities within the music industry a reality through his diligent work in honing his infamously sought-after sonic craft. Rebecca Black, a mainstream Pop artist in which NORD has previously collaborated with, refers to him as a “songwriting prodigy”.

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