Bigg Boss 16 is almost finished, and the season finale will show in February 2023. The players that are still in the house are a hot topic of conversation. Recently, actress Rutuja Sawant, a devoted fan of the programme, discussed Shiv and Priyanka’s game and revealed who played more skillfully.

Rutuja’s most recent professional appearance was in the colour programme “Pishachini.” She is also well renowned for her acting skills in the Colors and Star Plus television series Choti Sarrdaarni and Mehndi Hai Rachne Waali.

Rutuja continues, “Speaking of Priyanka, she has had a fantastic ride on the show. This girl battled to win the competition every day, and it’s easy to see how passionate she is in her eyes. With the exception of Ankit, she was never into friendships. She played for herself rather than her buddies, in contrast to Shiv. Priyanka is a lone warrior in the house who has invested her inner self in this show. In my opinion, friendships do matter a lot, but when you are in a reality show your focus should only be on the trophy.”

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