The chairman of the Mahindra Group, Anand Mahindra, recently noticed a riveting video that showed a young entrepreneur, age 22. Mr. Mahindra was drawn to a video featuring Tapsi Upadhyay, also known as “BTech Paani Puri wali,” a street food vendor from New Delhi, who was seen pulling her pani puri cart behind a Mahindra Thar.

“What are off-road vehicles meant to do?” Mr. Mahindra commented after sharing the video on X, the former Twitter. Help others in reaching their goals in life. Help others in exploring the unattainable. And we especially want people to be able to rise and fulfill their goals with the help of OUR automobiles. You now understand why I love this video.

Ms. Upadhyay began her working journey in Tilak Nagar, Delhi, with a little cart. She was dragging her paani puri kiosk behind a Royal Enfield in a video that went viral last year. She currently runs more than 40 pani puri stands around India as part of her business expansion. In the video that Mr. Mahindra posted, she can be seen growing from a scooter to a bike and, finally, to the Mahindra Thar, which reflects the amazing success of her street food business.

The video gained approximately 6 lakh views in a short period of time and inspired positivity online.

User said, “I’m impressed to see a very clean Paani Puri mobile stand and simple hygiene practices like using gloves more than the Jeep.”

The spotless Paani Puri mobile stand and basic hygienic measures like wearing gloves surprise me more than the Jeep.

The kind message from Mr. Mahindra corresponds with reports that a five-door Thar will shortly be arriving in India.

On social media, Mr. Mahindra is known for his openness and honesty. The businessman recently caused quite a stir on the internet with his smart reply to someone requesting money to purchase Mahindra stock.

In response to one of Mr. Mahindra’s posts on X, a user wrote: “Sir, I need ₹ 1 lakh to buy Mahindra shares (Sir, 1-lakh is a lot of money).” The industrialist noticed this and replied, “What a great idea, Sirji,” in joke. Greetings from Taaliyaan! I added some laughing emoticons and said, “Poochne mein kya jaata hai? (I laud your courage, there is no harm in asking?)”

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