The company unveiled a new commercial video to highlight how important AI is to its latest technology.

During its recent Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled its highly anticipated Galaxy S24 smartphone series, presenting a trio of AI-powered marvels: the S24 Ultra, S24 Plus, and S24. The massive South Korean tech company is putting a lot of money on AI to improve the flagship smartphone experience for consumers across the world.

The launch of Galaxy AI, Samsung’s broad collection of AI-driven tools and functions, was a key component of the reveal. The phones combine AI apps from cloud and local sources, including the innovative Google Gemini, which is a strong rival to OpenAI’s GPT-4 large language model.

A new generation of AI-powered video and photo editing tools is at the heart of these devices. One of these notable developments is a feature that goes beyond conventional constraints to seamlessly fill in missing frames in both photographs and videos.

The capacity to circle things in a photo now gives users the ability to move, isolate, or resize parts of their visual narrative. The end product is a fascinating study into the parameters of what constitutes an image. A special advertisement trailer illustrates every new feature.

The ad, titled “The Artful Awakening,” takes place in an art museum. The video follows a Samsung user who escapes a crowd of people by expertly taking the best images from a distance. The plot’s characters are the oil paintings that cover the walls; they are personified to represent the advancements in Samsung’s AI-driven camera system.

The tech giant has developed a strategic partnership with social media site Instagram in addition to improving the hardware and software features of its handsets. The well-known social networking site has committed to accept HDR-quality material from Samsung S24 users, ensuring that the images’ vibrant hues and sharp details stay intact and true to the original.

Snapchat and WhatsApp, among other social media networks, will also make use of S24’s built-in camera features.

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