Vismara believes that girls must support other girls to become better versions of themselves.

Societies have always set rules & regulations for women & have tried to tie them up in prejudices, being a hindrance in the journey of their overall growth as an individual. In many parts of the world, this is the unfortunate mindset of most sections of the society where they expect women to behave & act in a certain way. Only a few have the guts to question these negative mindsets of people & overcome these hurdles in life to become the version they want to see themselves as. Martina Vismara is a great example of one such girl who went against the conventional norms of the world & emerged as an individual who listens & follows her heart, who is brave & courageous to make a career for her the way she wants it to be.

When she was just 17 she started her career as a model at a clothing store in her city & little did she know then that posting her pictures on social media with her body shots would land her both with great appreciation as well as criticism from some. With her posting her body shots where she flaunts her beautiful physique, her followers increased on her social media handles, but at the same time, some started posting nasty & rude comments on her pictures. This made Vismara realize the importance of self-love. She believes that when a girl already has achieved a proper physique with her consistent efforts, she must flaunt it because that means she is appreciative of her hard work & there’s nothing wrong with it.

People called Vismara an exhibitionist & insulted her for posting her bold body shots, but Vismara with a strong mindset did not bat an eye on all this & instead kept working harder to reach her body goals by taking inspiration from other girls as well who are equally crazy about building & maintaining a good physique. Vismara is proud of herself & her body & she encourages other girls as well to be proud of who they are, accept themselves & have self-love.

The teenage model explains how people only focus on what she posts on social media & very conveniently avoid appreciating the work she does for many brands & companies. She wants other girls to get involved in their work & create something from scratch, focus on the work, have inventiveness & also fully commit to work. She is an advocate for supporting other girls & believes in – #girlsupportinggirl!

Vismara urges people to stop being so critical of others & in fact surprise them with how appreciative you can be of their work. She even asks them to stop being so judgmental about the pictures girls put on social media & see the bigger picture of what kind of work they do & the achievements they have made.

She wants to eradicate the idea of “bad girl” for posting such pictures on social media & asks people to stop this hatred. In fact, she believes that encouraging & supporting other girls can make them a better person & help them spread more positivity that the society needs.

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