2020 gave a new wave of artists after a break of 2020 covid. In 2021 we showed a small crack in the last quarter of 2021. But no one can stop music and artists who bring a time for themselves for their music and their fans. 

Top lists of music artists in 2022:

There are so many artists making waves in the music industry. In the list of 10, we found one genuine artist who is slowly but making a strong statement with his groovy music tunes. He is up-and-coming talent ready to make his mark in the music scene. We are talking about one of the finest music artists, a singer VIZIONONE.

This guy is a serious talent. He has just given five songs till now, but all five got a fantastic response on Spotify and other platforms. VIZIONONE’s song Doin’ Well got deserving listeners. His song talks about the current scenario, and the song’s lyrics are also very groovy. 

A new year symbolizes the era of contemporary emerging music artists or says singers who are ready to make their mark in the industry. While 2022 saw the rise of many skillful artists, 2022 has a fresh batch of talented artists like VIZIONONE coming to the scene. 

From London to the USA, singers and writers self-made stars like VIZIONONE are the new generation artists who are ready to take place in center stage. 

VIZIONONE is known for his soul-baring R&B tracks. He has all that is needed to become an A-grade artist of the world, so if you are looking for young artists in 2022, stop scrolling and join his Spotify channel to feel his music. 

Have some good time by listening to his tunes by connecting to his Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/6R9NOdGKTtE5pVWjGfLggC?si=arILspYRSb-FByJwOP8Qqg

Also, connect to him for his latest musical posts on hi IG: https://www.instagram.com/vizionone

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