German Chancellor Angela Merkel said on Tuesday Germany needs ensures that China’s Huawei Technologies won’t hand over information to the Chinese state before the telecoms equipment provider can take an interest in building its 5G network.

Merkel, on a visit to Japan, said that because of security concerns, it was essential to address the Chinese government so “the company doesn’t just simply hand the data to the state”.

She told students in a discussion at Keio University that security was vital if firms needed to work in Germany and it must be clarified that the Chinese state can’t get to every one of the information in Chinese items.

Huawei faces global investigation over its ties with the Chinese government and doubt that Beijing could utilize Huawei’s innovation for spying, which the organization denies.

The German government still can’t seem to achieve a typical position on whether to pursue different nations in barring Huawei from its market on national security grounds.

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