He has achieved the impossible and reached optimum levels of success in trading.

Many believe that formal education and a well paying job are requisites for a happy and content life, but the recent developments have shattered that myth with many losing their jobs and thrown off track due to the pandemic that brought the whole world to a standstill. Years of education, paying high loans, putting in hard work to excel in their respective careers had all gone in vain in an instant.

Some blessed souls endured and thrived through the tough times and Mohammed Salahuddin is one of them. He had a robust earning backup in the form of trading stocks on the daring American market, which was holding strong in spite of the economic slowdown.

Mohammed Salahuddin, popularly known as ‘The Wolf Of Dubai’, has within a short period made a name for himself as one of the youngest successful trader whose strategies have won him loads in profits. His accurate trading skills have won him laurels making his name shine bright amongst industry veterans. Let’s take a sneak peek at his journey which made him one of the most recognizable name in the world of trading.

Mohammed has been a part of the trading family as his father has been involved in the stock market since the past 10+ years. He learnt a lot about trading since he was 13, but never got involved until recently. He tried his hands at stocks only in the year 2020 when the entire world went into a frenzy due to the Covid-19 pandemic. As there was a complete shutdown, including schools and colleges, this 11th grade student decided to try his luck on stocks and emerged a winner.

Ever since his foray into the markets, he has profited a cool $30,000+ within six months of trading while others were fighting to make ends meet due to job and business losses. Today, his portfolio has grown to over $112,000 in stocks and cryptocurrencies and the profits are ringing with each passing day.

Mohammed says he wants to spread his knowledge by teaching others his age and make them financially independent. His trading methods and strategies which have reaped in enough profits are up for all to learn.

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