Generally an artist is bestowed with more than one talent. When you read about artists you will understand how talented they are in more than one way. Actors are singers, writers, producers. Musicians are writers, actors, and painters. There are painters who love to play instruments in between paintings. True artists love to explore all their talents and see where it leads them.

Success is not in our hands, but working for a goal is. Haitian American Musical artist CEO SLOW aka Slowbucks is not only a lovely musician but is also a fashion designer. His clothing company Slowbucks has clientele ranging from major rappers like Snoop Dogg and Waka Flocka , Meek mill , lil uzi vert , MiG Arogan , Pop Smoke , Killa Vuitton and many more. These celebrated artists love to wear the clothes their fellow artist creates.

According to Popular Beings, CEO SLOW has also received many offers from major clothing companies for distribution deals. The musical artist- fashion designer has signed up with Marc Ecko. CEO SLOW wants to explore all the talents and possibilities it offers. While he is signing up deals in fashion, through his music he intends to create a transcendent experience.

CEO SLOW says his musical compositions are a piece of his heart and he really wants the audience to have a good time listening to them. With this musical artist you are sure to enjoy a great composition while wearing chic clothes designed by him. The visionary is working on his music and fashion persistently enjoying each moment. Talking about the personal life of CEO SLOW one can say he is a complete family man, committed to Ashanti’s little sister Shia Douglas. The couple got engaged in December 2016.

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