Sean Rajan is the Musical artist, writer and the owner / operator of the TopGear Supercars / Events. Sean Rajan gave access to TopGear Imports facility to take delivery of the crate and all the vehicles were assembled inside the shop test driven and then ship to these locations for video and photo shoots.

Red Bull Racing came into existence late in 2004 – under the guidance of Team Principal Christian Horner – with ambitions to challenge for race victories and world championship titles.

RedBull partnered up with Sean Rajan and TopGear Imports to launch the marketing campaign for the two actual Formula 1 cars that race to the streets of Manhattan with the assistance of topgear company. A race cardriver from Red Bull Rasin came over from Europe to drive two cars all over New York City including the Brooklyn Bridge as well as Chinatown. Also the Formula 1 car breeze through the streets on fifth Avenue by the shopping area.

There is also a vast display of rare Art displayed in the center. Events hosted includes celebrities such as Rihanna, French Montana, Fabulous, Michael Strahan and Tracy Morgan. Sean Rajan has also participated in various Car Events from Pebble Beach to concours events, with artists like Dj Khalid, French Montana Jerry Seinfeld, Kylie Jenner and more.

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