Darr starred Sunny Deol, Shah Rukh Khan, and Juhi Chawla as co-stars. Sunny has now spoke about the fight with Shah Rukh.

Sunny Deol has spoken out about his memorable fight on the Darr set. He described what happened between him and Shah Rukh Khan as “childish” in an interview with India TV, adding that everything is now great.

“It was childish”

Sunny Deol said to the news channel, “Definitely, definitely.” Shah Rukh Khan, who has also appreciated Sunny Deol’s most recent flick Gadar 2, was then brought up. When it occurred, woh zamana (those days), it was a different era. “People, forget what happened back then,” I say. It is clear that such events shouldn’t have occurred. Yes, it was ‘bachpana’ (childish). Shah Rukh and I continued to communicate and meet frequently after that. We also discussed a few movies. He was watching my movie with his complete family this time. He then called me. It is true that the cheezen is very awful. Now that everything is in order, everything is wonderful.

Sunny also discussed his relationship with Salman Khan. He claimed that Dharmendra, Sunny’s father and a veteran performer, and Salman get along well. Sunny’s response to learning that even Karan Johar had applauded Gadar 2 was, “Chaliye, isliye main maafi maangta hoon (Okay, I’m sorry for this)”.

When Sunny explained the cause of his rage on Darr sets

Sunny has previously spoken openly about the Darr sets incident. Sunny had stated in a 2016 interview with the same news outlet that he had several disagreements with regard to the logic of the sequence in which Shah Rukh Khan stabs him.

What kind of a skilled and experienced commando would I be if he could stab me while I watched him? He might do this when I’m not watching, but how is that even possible? Sunny had also claimed that the stories of them going 16 years without speaking were genuine, but primarily because he doesn’t socialize much and doesn’t go to events.

Sunny stated he wouldn’t collaborate with Yash Chopra once more

Sunny has previously stated, in a 2001 interview with Filmfare, that given the choice, he would steer clear of a mistake known as Darr. The worst experience of his life, he claimed, was working on the movie. He was so tired of the “lies and manipulations” that he ripped the pockets off of his jeans by stuffing his hands inside. He further said that he will never again collaborate with Yash Chopra.

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