Fresh leaks have now pointed coordinates at the potential pre-order date for the upcoming Grand Theft Auto 6 title, after rumors about the game’s price, release date, features, leaked footage and trailer premiere, announcements, and more about Rockstar Games’ upcoming GTA title. A user made the claim that pre-orders for Grand Theft Auto 6 would start on December 12, 2023, just as fans were getting excited about the release of the trailer for the upcoming GTA in December.

Reports, however, were fast to analyze the claim and determine whether it was a reasonable claim or just speculation. A recent conversation between a GTA enthusiast and the British shop Argos went viral, according to HT Tech. According to the exchange, Argos acknowledged that pre-orders for GTA 6 might begin on December 12 for a few Xbox Series and PlayStation models.

But Rockstar Universe contacted the UK shop and disputed this false information. Disregarding the previous assertions, it transpired that the screenshot was purely imaginary. Even while the screenshot’s supposed origin is still up for debate, this has further fueled the fire of GTA 6 leaks.

The latest instance of why fans should consider any detail they read online to be somewhat suspect is the recent situation. The only information a reader can rely on to be accurate comes from official sources. Therefore, it is safe to assume that pre-order details will become accessible following the publication of the GTA 6 video by Rockstar Games.

Additionally, a member on X states that emails about the coming out of GTA 6 are being sent by the game developer. However, in the absence of concrete proof, the claim remains questionable.

Price, Release Date, and Trailer Leaks for GTA 6

Previous reports suggested that the game’s initial retail price could be $150 when it launches. According to reports, a full-fledged game release following the December publication of a trailer is anticipated for late 2024 or early 2025.

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