On Father’s Day, Priyanka Chopra expressed her gratitude to Nick Jonas for being in her and her daughter Malti Marie Chopra Jonas’ lives.

On the occasion of Father’s Day, Priyanka Chopra posted a kind message for her husband Nick Jonas and her father-in-law Paul Kevin Jonas, Sr. She also paid tribute to her late father Dr. Ashok Chopra. She shared two cute photos: one of Nick reading a book to Malti while she sat on his knee and one of her father-in-law holding Malti while standing. She also posted an old photo of her parents, Drs. Ashok and Madhu Chopra.

In response to the message, Nick Jonas used the heart emoji. Happy Father’s Day, Saba Ali Khan said in response to her blog article. All daughters hold a special place in dads’ hearts that cannot be replaced. Anjula Acharia, Priyanka’s manager, wrote: “God bless. I’m sending you and the Papas my love.



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