Survival is the most important factor in PUBG Mobile’s dynamic battleground. This calls for careful preparation and getting rid of enemies. But getting the coveted Chicken Dinner and earning a competitive advantage means putting in a lot of effort, staying persistent, and playing consistently.

Whichever level you are at, these pointers will help you improve. They will assist you in playing like an expert and eliminating opponents to win the coveted Chicken Dinner.

Tricks for defeating opponents in PUBG Mobile like a pro (November 2023)

1) Completing the fundamentals

You have to learn the fundamentals of PUBG Mobile before you can play like a pro. Focus mostly on improving your accuracy. Practise headshots and recoil control with a variety of firearms at the range. When it comes to long-range warfare, using scopes like the 4x and 8x successfully can give you a significant advantage.

Additionally, positioning is very important. Always be mindful of the play zone’s decreasing size, and adjust your strategy accordingly. Experts usually choose spots that provide cover or an advantage. Make strategic use of the topography by utilising ridges, rocks, and other structures. Steer clear of open spaces and continue your movement to make yourself a harder target.

Two other elements that professional players prioritise are flanking and clever rotations. When repositioning quickly, use autos sparingly. But be aware of the noise they produce; experts are quick to take advantage of auditory clues.

2) Communication and team coordination

Pro athletes have outstanding coordination and communication skills. Use voice chat or in-game commands to transmit information about enemy locations, loot, and tactical strategies.

Assign each member a specific role (such as sniper, medic, or assault specialist) according to their skills. There will be less uncertainty among players as a result of everyone knowing their roles. You can also be ready for everything by allocating rewards and pooling resources among your teammates.

Experts outmanoeuvre opponents at close quarters by employing flanking and cover fire strategies. Practise timing your movements and predicting what your teammates will do. This is required in order to prevent being overrun by a well-organized hostile squad.

3) Flexibility and discernment

Expert athletes are adept at adjusting to the dynamically changing conditions of every game. To find out who is still alive, keep an eye on the kill feed and adjust your strategy accordingly. Prepare to assess your position and anticipate other players’ movements as the play zone gets smaller.

Quick decision-making is a crucial ability in this role. Experts make snap decisions about whether to fight or prioritise survival by quickly weighing the dangers and potential rewards. Prudent looting choices also contribute to long-term success, such as prioritising essential supplies over unnecessary goods.

Utilise the many weaponry that PUBG Mobile has to offer to your advantage. Professionals usually switch between weapons based on the circumstances; they choose sniper rifles for long-range combat and automatic rifles for close quarters fighting. In the training mode, try out several loadouts to find which one suits you the best.


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