Do you know Salaf for pop singing?

The importance of reading and writing music in pop singing is very high. Of course, it should also be noted that in music theory and university courses, self-portrait is considered as the first step to enter the colorful world of pop music. It is said that all Exeter world leaders and all those who work in the world of music should be proficient in salfage. Once you have mastered solfeggio, many musical concepts will be revealed to you. If you think you do not yet learn salfage well, you need to put patience and effort into the basics of learning salfage.

Soundproofing is required for pop singing?

In order to be successful in pop music and have the ultimate success, you need to know the basics of sound engineering. Proper and passionate performance of famous Iranian pop singers is the result of their awareness of successful sound production points. After sufficient mastery of salfage, it is time to sound. If you are well aware of the capabilities and abilities of your body, you can accurately display the characteristics of your voice and add to its nature day by day. In fact, creating a magical voice is the art of those who are easily aware of the characteristics of their voice and use it at the right time. In order to have good voice training exercises, read at the same time as the note. Note that start with a slow voice and then increase the rhythm of your voice. With this exercise you will realize that breathing while playing music is very important and you should manage it.

Your aperture mode while reading ?

The diaphragm is a muscle that attaches to the terminal ribs and vertebrae and helps you read. In fact, you should fill your diaphragm with air when reading, and then move on. The right breath and exhalation to sing pop music are the next principles that you must follow. Constant effort in singing makes the singer a good voice and this makes him popular.

Do you feel your voice vibrate live?

Live vibration means producing a sound in which breathing is felt. Can you do this easily and skillfully? Admittedly, this part of the training is never seen in pop music, but it is like dumbbells to get fit. Strengthening the voice in singing with sequential exercises is great for live vibration. On the other hand, live vibration helps you to be stronger and progress step by step by correcting your breathing style and eliminating breathing problems in pop singing.

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